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When diagnosed, men may go through a whole series of emotions before coming to terms with the fact of having this disease. In addition to fear, most of us also experience anger, isolation, and avoidance and generally isolated ourselves from accepting the diagnosis.

We found it helpful to talk to someone who had similarly been diagnosed and treated. We have set up ProActive as a self-help group to offer assistance, support and reassurance for both patient and family.

We are not professional counsellors, but we have been through this experience, and we are able to listen and respond with some understanding. We can relate our own experience of the treatment we received and how we feel about the disease with hindsight. While we cannot give medical advice, we have all been through the process of diagnosis and treatment, and we are available to talk you through the tough bits. If you wish, we will try to put you in touch with a member who has been in the same situation as you.

If you would like to discuss anything, please contact us by telephone 0774 737 4692 or email


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